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If you excel at science, are keen to develop your investigative skills in a variety of scenarios and have meticulous attention to detail, you will enjoy studying Forensic Science at Kent.Fascinating and challenging, it opens up a wide range of career opportunities.

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Molecular graphics: use of Marvin Sketch to represent and draw chemical structures and calculate molecular properties, using J-mol and J-ice to present molecular and crystal structures graphically, use of HULIS software to calculate energy levels from Hückel theory.Drug Abuse, Alcohol and Forensic Toxicology Drugs of abuse and their identification. Toxicology and the role of the forensic toxicologist. Document Examination: Signature and handwriting identification. Read more Mathematical Concepts for Impact Studies Newton's laws of motion Vectors Energy considerations Introduction to ballistics Categories of weapons Weapon mechanisms Ammunition construction Internal ballistics External ballistics Terminal ballistics Overview of Forensic Ballistics The 1968 Firearms Act (as amended)Categorisation of firearms and ammunition Shooting case studies Read more Laboratory safety: lectures on laboratory safety including safe handling of chemicals, electrical supplies, solvents and gases both within and outside fume cupboards, safe disposal of chemicals, Co SHH and risk assessment, accident prevention.Laboratory skills: the completion of a set of experiments in a lab environment within the safety structure as laid out by lab risk assessments.Numerous formal and informal opportunities for discussion make it easy to participate in the academic life of the School.All students have an academic adviser and we also run a peer mentoring scheme.

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